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A Message From Greg Gillespie!

You know, I can talk all day about this knife, but until you've seen it, your just not going to believe it.

What is the World's Fastest Knife? I designed and invented it after over 30 years of hand engraving guns and knives and I am going to show you why mine is better than yours and why you need to have one. It can do at least 5 things you can't do with your knife or any other knife and I feel that they are the most important thing about knives.

Wasted Motion is Wasted Time! Spending so much time in front of people handing me their knife to engrave, one common movement that came to my attention was this backwards motion to get it and again to put it away. I got to where every movement they made was common and predictable. No matter what the action of their knife had.

Even a switchblade was in their pocket or sheath! They all moved away from the job at hand. Which was usually in front of them. All other knife companies worked long and hard to develop a new action to make their knives handier. From switchblades, to flick knives, to bolsters that are slid to make a knife open and on and on. They all start with your knife in your hand. They figure you have the knife in your hand already.That's bull because a man isnt standing in a river or sitting on a horse or bike or barstool with a knife in his hand . It's in his pocket or sheath or someplace. Mine is in my hand and open before you could even say switchblade. Now it's just a matter of what am I going to do with it.

So I just put every action on the planet to shame! The action was never the weakness. I never cared about how their knife opens, or what color it is, or what type of metal it was made out of......just where it is.

Mine is in my hand and ready to use! Yours is still in your pocket long after I'm done with my cut. After all that's what they we're all after in the first place ..Right??? The same rule applies to all guns and knives. I never cared about how fast the bullet comes of your gun or what caliber it is if it was in your boot. Same with a knife or Any other tool. Handy is better. We all know that. So here it is.Try this with your knife ...or any other. First practical then tactical.

Keep in mind. Tactical could mean a dog or wild animal attack or anything else! Or the tactical side it's the only invisible knife on earth. Great for a lady..No unneeded moment. None... only knife. Knife first then move. Completely unique motion.. So it wouldn't matter if I was sitting, Bass boat, horse maybe a bar stool. It wouldn't matter. Chaps on or not, doesn't matter. It's not a belt it's only a buckle. It goes anywhere . On your chaps in the AM and on your levis later that day. Double the advantage if you are wearing your chaps. Try to take your knife out with your chaps on. How does a cowboy or biker or fisherman do it. You know We"ve all seen it. Completely disconnected. Almost impossible. This solves that problem.

I even put two guarantees on it! ....I guarantee the product until the world quits spinning and I also guarantee that if you try this just one time will never do what you have been doing to get your knife out ever again as long as you live.

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